RX Vega Pricing Rebated By AMD For Limited Number Of Cards?

Kit Guru has details from OCUK about AMD discounting a limited number of Radeon RX Vegas at launch. Those discounted cards were gone fast.

This has been a turbulent week for AMD to say the least. RX Vega is officially here, which is positive news but unfortunately, pricing fluctuations have swiftly dirtied the waters and shifted the story. We initially assumed that low stock was the cause of Vega jumping well past MSRP but that doesn’t seem to be the case after all. Today, KitGuru has been scouring for answers and from what we know now, it seems that AMD has created quite the messy situation by not properly disclosing RX Vega pricing and effectively blindsiding consumers and journalists.

This has spun out of control into quite a mess.

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