Powercolor Radeon RX 560 Coin Mining Card Disappoints

I have been just testing the new Powercolor Radeon RX 560 mining card. So far its underwhelming.  Not only is the build quality of the shroud low, but its a whopping 54C.  It also can’t even break 10 Mh/s.  Then here is the kicker. It is identified at a RX 460 not 560 as it is sold as.  The current only good thing about it is you can buy more than 1.

status: 9.8 hash: miner active
driver: amdgpu
gpus: 1
fanrpm: 3776
fanpercent: 84
hash: 9.85
miner: ethminer
miner_hashes: 09.85
models: 02 Baffin RX 460 113-C9812101_100 Unknown
bioses: 113-C9812101_100
default_core: 1176
default_mem: 1750
vramsize: 4
core: 1108
mem: 1750
memstates: 2
meminfo: GPU0:02.00.0:Radeon RX 460:113-C9812101_100:Unknown Hynix

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Chris Tom

Chris Tom


  1. Rhenna
    August 29, 2017 at 4:50 pm — Reply

    So, does it have 1024 stream processors / 64 TMUs like a proper RX 560, (Baffin XT)? Or, just 896 SPs / 56 TMUs as a RX 460/RX 560D, (Baffin Pro), would? It’s “default core” speed of 1176MHz is consistent with the RX 560.

    Power Color has always been a bit stingy with things like heat pipes on their entry-level and OEM products. 56°C wouldn’t be horrible if it represents a typical, real-world load on the GPU. However, that lonely DVI connector on the I/O plate might be the real deal-breaker for many in terms of using this for anything beyond simply mining.

  2. mdk777
    September 1, 2017 at 2:11 am — Reply

    Yeah, when Folding I had 3 Powercolor fail in a row.
    I actually diagnosed the problem as VRM failure from inadequate cooling. Despite pointing out the way the card was failing, they continued to send out the same model without making any modifications to their fans or heat sinks. Just not the brightest group, or just don’t care …IDK.

  3. Rhenna
    September 30, 2017 at 10:48 pm — Reply

    Hmmm… I see there is a more consumer-oriented. (in terms of outputs), Powercolor “RX560” offered at Newegg, which is coming right out and stating just 896 SPs. Pretty sure there is supposed to be a “D” suffix tacked on to that “560.” Nice little surprise for the unwary. Instead of “M” for Mining, I guess RTG chose to go with “D” for Doh! And, apparently, Powercolor didn’t even get that memo.

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