AM4 Socket Supported Through 2020

This Hothardware story notes that OverclockersUK had a stream with AMD’s James Prior where it was revealed that Socket AM4 will have new CPUs through 2020. I’m certainly glad we are upgrading to this socket at Game Republik.

While this is not new information, it is nevertheless welcome news to hear that AMD is still planning to use the same socket for several more years. Hopefully that also means that future AM4 processors will work in today’s motherboards with nothing more than a BIOS update. That’s not something to take for granted—on the other side of the tracks, Intel created a new Z370 chipset for its socket LGA 1151 Coffee Lake desktop processors. Kaby Lake also uses the LGA 1151 socket, but if you want to run a Coffee Lake chip, you have to upgrade to a Z370 motherboard. Likewise, you can’t plop a Kaby Lake processor into a newer Z370 motherboard, so Intel is essentially forcing an entire platform upgrade, even though the socket is the same.

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